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Welcome to The Medical Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Care, your source for high-quality specialist care for endocrine problems. Uniquely endowed with a nationally board-certified physician with two decades of experience in helping patients improve their diabetes, thyroid, hormone and reproductive health, to speak with our caring and friendly office staff we look forward to serving you! Please call for an appointment.

Dr. Soriano provides specialist services in the following areas:

What to Expect in Your Office Visit:

During the office visit, Dr. Soriano spends considerable time with each patient to listen to concerns, answer questions, and make recommendations to improve every patient's quality of life. She provides thoughtful and comprehensive interpretation of lab results and conducts some lab services in her office. Dr. Soriano strongly believes in preventative health care.

A registered nurse is also on hand during your appointment to assess your vitals (blood pressure, pulse, weight, etc.) and answer your health-related questions.

Our office staff arefriendly, approachable and look forward to delivering you today's best treatments. We accept Medicare as well as other insurance types. For the most updated information on types of insurance we accept, please call the office directly.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality medical care to improveyour quality of life. We hope to help you manage your health. Please call for an appointment.

Myrna L. Soriano, MD ,FACP, FACE

What Patients Have Said about Us:

"You have taught me so many new facts and techniques that I have never heard of before, over my many years of being a diabetic" - Mrs. NelliSzimzack

"I find no one else our family can trust for health care but the doctors in the office of Dr. Soriano" - Mr. Ronald Rehak

"I think I am fortunate in having a doctor that works the hardest at making me well from all aspects, and truly cares about me" - Mary Worzalla

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